The Essential Guide -How to Run a Post on Social Media Contest (Creative Ideas) 

Increasing and enhancing brand presence is a future investment-  a way to tap into your brand’s potential. 

Do you want to see a spike in sales? Are you looking for ways to enhance your brand presence online? Or are you focused on keeping your target audience engaged? If yes, you might be wondering how to achieve these goals effectively. The best way is to run a post online. 

Hosting a Social Media contest could be your answer- it is an interactive strategy to reach your audience in a fun and exciting manner.

  • You just have to make sure you do it right! 
  • Successful social media contest = More Reach & increased site traffic 

While there are myriads of tips and guidelines about creating a post on social media, you need not worry as we have simplified things for you in this essential guide. There are 5 creative ideas post ideas for planning, executing, and maximizing the success of the next social media contest. 


Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media platforms used by everyone- students, businesses, and professionals. 

Step 1 – Follow the guidelines 

Be aware of Facebook’s official guidelines on how to run posts for contests. Rules include:

  • Clear communication regarding the terms of the contest 
  • Make a distinction between FB and the contest organizing part (a.k.a Your brand)
  • Don’t use personal timelines as an entry mechanism while organizing the contest
  • You are answerable for legal aspects of the contest 

Step 2 – Use a Landing Page form to generate leads

  • Include a form on the landing page to maximize leads. 
  • A form provides the necessary information for those interested in the contest
  • Use crisp, concise information. Provide links only when necessary. 

Step 3 – Write Terms & Conditions which include all the rules 

  • Please provide official terms and conditions, rules, as well as prerequisites for contesting. 
  • Always acknowledge that Facebook is not involved in this contest. 
  • Clarify that the information will be used by only you and will not go to Facebook. 

Step 4 – Utilize Third-Party Apps 

Use third-party apps like Woobox, ShortStack, and Offerpop for tracking participation and measuring interaction. 

Step 5 – Attract your audience with something to give 

Always have a story to tell about customer experience with your brand. Give them reasons to fall in love with your brand. If there is an exciting prize at the end, people will take you more seriously. Go for eye-catching posters and compelling copies for your post. 

Pro-Tip Awesome Giveaways

Get creative when it comes to giving away prizes. You can use a trendy gadget or a beautiful coffee mug to attract your customers. 

Step 6 – Keep track of your goals and measure the results 

It is important to keep track of your progress. Goals and results must align well. A quick way is to use the analytics tool,  Facebook insights tool shows how wide your reach is. Other marketing-specific software will give you an idea of the leads generated as well as an increase in market reach. 

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X (formerly Twitter) boasts of having 330 million active users. You can capture the attention of target audiences using this Social media platform for your contest. 

Step 1 – Authentic Behaviour 

  • Ensure adherence to the rules of Twitter.

For example, refrain from using more than one account and try not to post anything twice. On the other hand, use ethical modes of conduct by staying relevant to the topic. Unleash creativity. 

  • Make the platform rules clear to the participants. 
  • Acknowledge that Twitter is not legally answerable for your actions. 

Step 2 – Specify Goals

Before you run a post for a contest on Twitter, set goals for your brand.

Examples of business goals are as follows:

  • Growing follower count
  • Expanding business reach 
  • High website traffic 

Step 3 – Inform your customers all about the contest 

First, pick the most suited contest for your brand. There are various kinds of contests such as 

  • Sweepstakes-style contests 

This is best for lead generation if the applicants sign up on the site/you get them to follow the account or retweet as a part of the entry process.

  • Caption/Creative answer contests

This is suited for improving communication. 

  • Photo Contests

This is used to create brand awareness for the contest in case the applicants must post a photo on their Twitter account. 

Pro-Tip: Decide the time and duration of the contest. After you run a post for a contest, communicate all information to your audience. 

Step 4 -To use #hashtags or not? 

Twitter hashtags can help you spearhead a brand awareness campaign. Make your hashtags trend on Twitter- let them go viral! In case you don’t want individual hashtags, you can instruct the users to mention you when they run posts.

Tell them to use @ Your name or a  #Unique campaign hashtag

  • When you’re announcing the results-disclosing the winner’s name- use contest-related streams only. 
  • This will make selection an easily organized process. 

Step 5 – Quantify the results

  • You can use third-party apps or contest-specific links to track progress. 
  • Employ analytical tools or marketing software to measure the results. 

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If your target audience is largely female, then Pinterest is the best place to advertise your brand and generate product awareness. In all, 70% of the total Pinterest users are females. Moreover, Pinterest also works for creative industries that use visually appealing texts. Please note:

  • Follow Pinterest’s guidelines
  • Keep in mind the brand guidelines by Pinterest. 
  • While you run post, adhere to proper pin etiquette.

 For instance, acknowledge that Pinterest is not involved in the contest. Or don’t allow more than one entry per individual.  

A Glitzy Pinterest Contest 

Pinterest users were thrilled at the opportunity to design their diamond ring at Wove. The brand declared USD 10,000 worth of custom-made diamonds. What’s more, they were also given a chance to interact with an experienced jewelry designer.  

A Glitzy Pinterest Contest 

Spread the word 

Be vocal when it comes to making announcements relating to the contest. Use bold Social media promotional strategies- leverage Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

  • Tell them the rules while advertising your contest 
  • Use a specific #hastag when you run post 
  • Never forget to talk about exciting giveaways 


Instagram is best suited to showcase the aesthetics of your products- it is a visually striking platform. It is best for skincare products, fashion accessories, and colorful brand campaigns. 

Keep in mind the following: 

  • Use best practices 

Steer clear of endorsement-implying language. Make sure you distinguish yourself from the Social media giant. 

  • Convey and specify rules
  • Make announcements 
  • Decide a theme for your contest
  • Employ a creative and inspiring #hashtag 
  • Measure the results using platform analytics 


#1 Tag your friend / Share to win 

Using catchy slogans and hashtags to target locals who are potential users. 

#2 Creativity unleashed 

Inspire the users to indulge in creative endeavors like poetry, art, dance, and music. This makes for a colorful brand campaign- there will be an instant emotional connection with the brand. 

#3 Picture Perfect 

Never a bad idea to ask users to pose for the brand. This could be theme-specific – V’day love or Christmas Cheer. While you run posts, dare to promote inclusivity such as normalizing Plus-size models, or including LGBTQ+. 

#4 Validate their feelings 

A good brand cares for customer feelings. They will love it if you ask for their opinion or experiences. A cool marketing strategy that helps in creating a dialogue about your brand. Moreover, this will boost awareness as the users will be asked to speak on a brand-related area. For example, Nanu, a sleep company, asked people about their sleep preferences. 

#5 A good sense of humor 

Run post with an untitled picture and ask them for the funniest caption ever. BYU Alumni Department hosted one such event on Twitter, bringing a sense of nostalgia into their campaign. 


1. Can I run a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram? 

Yes, you can go for a giveaway on both apps at once. However, be careful to uphold the rules of both platforms. 

2. What are the details to be entered in the contest guidelines? 

Always include details like contact address and criteria for judging the task-related guidelines. In the case of video contests, you can mention recording and mobile filming tips. On the other hand, if it is an art contest, talk about the materials to be used, photo tips, etc.