Jack Harlow Girlfriend Name, Biography, Age, Height & Net Worth

Jackman Thomas Harlow, best known as Jack Harlow, is an American rapper and singer who has also tried hands-on acting. A few years back, Jack Harlow girlfriend name, was an emerging singer trying to get a break, which he got in 2020 when he released his single “Whats Poppin.” This song went viral on TikTok in America, and Harlow became an overnight sensation in the music industry. He got a Grammy nomination for the best rapping performance that year for his single “What Poppin,” which rose to number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. Jack released his first studio album in 2020, “That’s what they all say,” and this album received platinum certification by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Since then, Jack has become a household name in the pop music industry. Stay tuned if you want more about Jack, like Jack Harlow girlfriend name, age, net worth, etc. 

Who is Jack Harlow? 

Jack Harlow is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor, whose full name is Jackman Thomas Harlow. Jack was born on March 13, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is of French and Irish descent, and his mother, Maggie (née Payette), is a businesswoman; his father’s name is Brian Harlow. Jack Harlow has been producing the music since 2015 but gained popularity in 2020 when he released his single “Whats Poppin.” Since then, he has released three music albums named “That’s What They Say” (2020), “Come Home, the Kids Miss You (2022), and “Jackman” (2023). After making a place in the music industry, Harlow tried acting and made his acting debut in March 2022, in a remake of a 1992 movie named “White Men Can’t Jump.”

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What is Jack Harlow Girlfriend’s Name? 

Jack Harlow is a handsome hunk of the American music industry who has rumors of having relationships with various co-singers. Harlow has been caught off guard multiple times by the media about hiding his relationship status. His most recent relationship rumors included Dua Lipa, but before that, Jack dated many girls. Currently, he has been linked with Dua Lipa, and the media has been constantly promoting Dua Lipa as Jack Harlow girlfriend name. 

According to an article published on Dua Lipa on Page Six, Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow have been in constant contact since November 2022, when they met for the first time in person. According to this article, Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow are dating each other, and there is a song in Jack’s new album whose title is “Dua Lipa.” Insiders confirm that Jack Harlow flew to New York to meet Dua Lipa after her Z100 Jingle Ball appearance. 

The pair has been spotted multiple times together in social gatherings, awards, or events and social media images are proof that something is cookin’ between Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa. 

Jack Harlow Past Relationship

Jack Harlow and Saweetie 

Jack Harlow’s name has been linked with many singers and social media stars and Saweetie was one of them. The rumors about Jack and Saweetie were spread out when the flirtatious conversation between Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the 2021 BET Awards sent the internet into overdrive. 

Fans started talking about the couple’s contact on social media after a picture of them locking eyes during the event fueled the flames. Jack later emphasized, though, that he wasn’t shooting his shot—rather, he was only saying “hello.”

Jack was seen shaking Saweetie’s hand and remarking, “You don’t like getting caught off guard,” in a video clip that quickly became popular on the Internet.

Jack Harlow and Addison Rae 

Addison Rae was a TikTok star who was linked with Jack Harlow in 2021. Jack Harlow and Rae were linked romantically on social media when the couple was spotted in a boxing match in Atlanta. The relationship between Jack and Addison was nothing more than a rumor, which was cleared by a post that Rae made on his Twitter account. 

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Jack Harlow Biography 

Jack Harlow was born on March 13, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Maggie and Brian Harlow. Jack’s mother was a businesswoman, and he was raised on a horse farm near Shelbyville. 

Birth Name Jackaman Thomas Harlow 
Famous as Jack Harlow 
Date of Birth 13 March 1998 
Gender Male
Education Atherton High School
Profession Singer, Rapper, Song Writer, Actor 
Father’s name Brian Harlow 
Mother name Maggie Harlow 
Marital Status Single
Zodiac Sign Pisces 
Age 26 years 
Place of Birth Louisville, Kentucky, USA 
Current Residence Louisville, Kentucky, USA 
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity White 
Nationality American 
Height 6.3 feet or 191 cm 
Weight 165 pounds or 75 Kg 
Hair Color Brown 
Eye Color Blue 

Harlow started rapping when he was just 12 and when he was in high school, he made a CD called Rippin and Rappin, whose copies Jack sold in his school. Harlow started making mixtapes when he was in seventh standard. But his first commercial record was released in November 2015, under the name of the EP The Handsome Harlow. 

In 2017, Jack released a single named “Routine.” Later that year, he released another single named “Dark Knight.” Harlow got his first major break in music with the release of the single “What’s Poppin” in January 2020. TikTok played a major role in this song’s popularity. In the same year, Jack Harlow’s debut album was released under the name “That’s What They Say All.” 

His second album was released in 2022 with the name “Come Home the Kids Miss You” and his most recent album was “Jackman” released in 2023. Jack Harlow has received many awards, including Top New Artist at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. 

After tasting success in music, Jack turned his attention to acting and started his acting career in 2023 with the remake of a 1992 movie called “White Men Can’t Jump.” 

Jack Harlow Net Worth

According to celebrities’ income-related information-sharing site, Celebrity Net Worth, Jack Harlow’s net worth is 15 million US dollars, which makes him one of the richest rappers in America. 


What is Jack Harlow’s age?

According to his birth date of March 13, 1998, Jack Harlow is 26 years old as of 2024. 

What is Jack Harlow’s height?

Jack Harlow’s height is 191 centimeters, or 6.3 feet. 

How many and what kind of cars does Jack Harlow have? 

Currently, Jack Harlow holds possession of four cars: a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, a Cadillac Escalade, a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, and a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. 

What is Jack Harlow’s father’s name? 

Jack Harlow’s father’s name is Brian Harlow. 

What is Jack Harlow’s mother’s name?

Jack Harlow’s mother’s name is Maggie (née Payette). 

Which are the latest movies of Jack Harlow?

White Men Can’t Jump is the latest movie by Jack Harlow.