MC Stan Girlfriend Name: Biography & Net Worth 

MC Stan was born on 30th August 1999 in an Indian Muslim family in Pune Maharastra. MC stan’s aka altaf shaikh an Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and composer won much fame in his early life in the rap industry. When he was 14 years old his elder brother exposed him to the rap situation and stan started raping. He is famous for his unique songs such as Khuja Mat, Yede Ki Chadar, and Amin. MC Stan girlfriend name has always been a great topic of discussion. His past and present relationships have consistently made him a social media topic. 

Stan launched his debut song “Wata” in 2018 after wata stan launched “Khuja Mat,” “Lowkey,” and “Khajwe Vichaar.” because of his great fan following stan became a great Indian raper at a very early age.

His most famous debut album “Tadipaar” was published in 2020. He has worked with many well-known Indian rappers and gained so much fame. People love Stan because of his unique style of rapping and pronouncing words. He is a creative dynamo, has come a long way from his childhood listening to qawwali in the small confines of Tadiwala Road. His hip-hop career began with him posting videos of himself rapping on WhatsApp. However, an amazing Internet fan base helped him become a mysterious phenomenon, and his tracks are now heard in India and other countries. STAN has amassed over 750,000 YouTube viewers in the past 18 months because of his stylized videos and honest, frank verses. 

What is MC Stan Girlfriend Name? 

As per the report, MC Stan gf named BUBA is Anam Shaik. During big boss 16 stan confirmed his relationship with Anam Shaik and revealed that he went to Anam’s house with 40 people to convince her parents of their marriage. During big boss 16 Buba was supporting stan and she also said that “Trophy ghar hi Lana”. However, it wasn’t unnoticed when he posted a mysterious remark a few days ago that seemed to allude to relationship problems. Although the post was quickly removed, fans were deeply divided as a result of the screenshots that quickly went viral on social media. The mysterious post by MC Stan raises the possibility that something is amiss in his personal life, even though he hasn’t addressed the speculations about his relationship status. Fans are still waiting for MC Stan to confirm about his rumored breakup the controversy is so trending that people are giving their perspective on the topic.

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MC Stan’s Past Relationship

MC Stan had some assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend  Auzma Shaikh in 2022 after they had a break up with each other. He has shared her residential address on social media the address was seen by followers of MC Stan and she also got rape threats. Lately, she also posted the residential address of MC Stan and got assaulted by men sent by MC Stan. In an interview, she told about the physical and mental harassment by MC Stan and his friends. Police filed an FIR against his friends but didn’t arrest any of them. Due to this incident, MC Stan has been a topic of discussion on social media. Social Media have so much to say about MC Stan girlfriend. 

MC Stan and Anam Shaikh

MC Stan and Anam Shaikh

He is the winner of big boss season 16 has confirmed his relationship with his girlfriend BUBA aka Anam Shaikh. During big boss season 16 MC Stan discussed with two other contestants how he convinced Anam’s parents. While Stan was inside the big boss house Anam sent him some gifts and also supported him in his journey. Stan always use to keep his personal life away from social media but fans are very much interested to know about his relationship status. Recently MC Stan uploaded a breakup story and after a few minutes, he immediately deleted the story. Now fans are very much confused and interested to know about his relationship status. Fans are waiting for clear about his relationship status and end this controversy.

MC Stan Biography 

MC Stan, also known as Altaf Shaikh, is an Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and composer. Stan was born in Pune, Maharashtra, on August 30, 1999. Stan started rapping at a very early age when his brother introduced him to the world of raping. He is also known for his distinctive style in the songs Khuja Mat, Yede Ki Chadar, and Amin, as well as his Bollywood bangs. In 2018, MC Stan released “Wata,” his debut song, and followed it up with “Khuja Mat,” “Lowkey,” and “Khajwe Vichaar.” He gained rapid recognition as a rapper in the Indian music industry because each of his songs attracted a substantial following. In 2020, his popular debut album “Tadipaar” was released, and gained so much love from the audience. Millions of people enjoy his music and beats because of his unique style of raping and pronouncing the words.

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MC Stan Net Worth

The rapper’s estimated net worth ranges from INR 15 to 20 crores, according to multiple estimates. His rap concerts and a few sponsored Social Media posts are his main sources of income. As of the writing of this article, he has many Instagram followers. It follows that his brand partnerships are a major source of revenue. Another way he makes money is through his YouTube account. He reportedly receives more than INR 1 lakh from the station each month.

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1. Who is MC Stan real girlfriend?

As per the reports MC Stan real girlfriend name is Anam Shaikh and she is nicknamed as BUBA by the rapper.

2. What is the real name of BUBA?

Buba is a nickname given by MC Stan to his girlfriend Anam Shaikh. 

3. Who is Anam Sheikh?

Anam Sheikh is the founder of the viral television and creative head of Bollywood Chronicles.