Emiway Bantai Girlfriend Name, Age, Height, Biography & Net-worth 2024

Emiway Bantai, a name you probably heard on the internet, is a prominent figure in the Indian rap and hip-hop genre. Emiway Bantai leaves a significant image on the industry through his unique style and authentic voice.

Emiway Bantai’s real name is Bilal Shaikh born on 13 November 1995 in a town in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He adopted his name from a fusion of two very famous rap artists, “Eminem” and “Lil Wayne”. He rose to fame by his independent approach, often producing, writing, and distributing his music without the backing of major record labels.

He frequently rapped about personal struggles, societal issues, and his struggling journey in the music industry, which resonated deeply with a diverse audience. His most famous songs “Machayenge” and “Bantai” have garnered millions of views on YouTube, cementing his status as a leading voice in Indian hip-hop. 

Emiway Bantai Biography

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Emiway Bantai Girlfriend

As a media influencer sharing personal details on the internet is found dangerous. Emiway Bantai has kept his personal life very private, including details about his relationships or relationship status. On the internet, there is no public information or confirmed news of his girlfriend. Emiway always has focused on his career and music and has kept a professional status near the media keeping his personal and romantic life away from the media spotlight. There are some rumors about his past relationship. One such mention is Mukta Karandikar, a model and rapper. Mukta, also known as “Mukkta K”, has been associated with Emiway Bantai in the past. Apart from this, there is limited public information about Emiway Bantai’s previous girlfriends.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Emiway Bantai

  • Emiway Bantai’s smoking and drinking habits are unknown while there is some leaked footage of his drinking.
  • Emiway Bantai belongs to a middle-class orthodox Muslim family with roots in Karnataka.
  • He was depressed for quite a time after he failed the 12th standard. 
  • In the early stages of life, he aspired to become a doctor but eventually tended to rap. 
  • His name was inspired by two of his inspirations “Eminem” and “Lil Wayne” i.e. Emi+Way.
  • He learned a lot about hip-hop music, and it took a lot of time for him to master it.
  • In 2014, he just for fun started making rap videos, but the initial response by the public was so positive that he started taking it seriously.
  • His first YouTube song “Glint Lock” with Minta in English was in 2013.
  • In his initial days as a rapper, he worked as a caretaker in the ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ to earn quick cash to make rap music without taking support from his family.
  • Initially, he used to rap in the English language, but then his father suggested he try it in Hindi so that common Indian people could understand Emiway’s rap.
  • After listening to his father Emiway Bantai in 2014, he posted his first Hindi rap “Aur Bantai”, which was an instant hit.
  • He found his first much-needed breakthrough nearly 2 years later, in 2017, when he collaborated with Raftaar for the song “#Sadak.”
  • In 2018, he had a diss war with Raftaar. The whole scenario started when Raftaar questioned Emiway’s capability as a rapper. The Diss war was happening for quite a while time and happened in this order:
  • Emiway responds – “Samagh Mein Aaya Kya
  • Raftaar responds with –  “Sheikh Chilli
  • To which Emiway responds with – “Giraftaar”.

His Bollywood debut started when he got a breakthrough in Zoya Akhtar’s 2019 film ‘Gully Boy’, where he not only showed his rapping skills in “Asli Hip-Hop” but also showed his acting skills.


He has established himself as a transformative figure in the Indian rap and hip-hop scene, characterized by his distinctive style, independent spirit, and authentic voice. Rising from humble beginnings, he has carved out a niche through sheer talent and determination, often producing, writing, and distributing his music independently. His songs, known for their relatable and powerful lyrics, have resonated with a vast audience, earning him a loyal fan base and widespread acclaim. While he keeps his personal life private, his professional journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring artists. Emiway’s impact on the music industry underscores his status as a trailblazer, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, one can achieve success in one term.


How did Emiway Bantai get his stage name?

Emiway Bantai’s stage name is a fusion of “Eminem” and “Lil Wayne,” two of his major musical influences. This name reflects his admiration for these iconic rappers and hints at his aspiration to blend their styles into his unique sound.

What are some of Emiway Bantai’s most popular songs?

Some of Emiway Bantai’s most popular songs include “Machayenge,” “Khatam,” “Bantai,” and “Firse Machayenge.” These tracks have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have significantly contributed to his fame in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Does Emiway Bantai work independently or with a record label?

Emiway Bantai is known for his independent approach to music. He often produces, writes, and distributes his music without the backing of major record labels. This independence has allowed him to maintain creative control over his work and connect directly with his audience.