Rishabh Jaiswal Girlfriend Name, Age, Height Biography, and Net Worth in 2024

Rishabh Jaiswal is an Indian model, actor, and social media influencer. He is an emerging talent in the Indian film Industry. He is known for his captivating performance and charismatic screen presence. He has ignited a passion for acting.

Rishabh has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft. He studied at prestigious acting schools and participated in various theater productions. His ability as an actor allows him to effortlessly switch between various genres, bringing depth and authenticity to each role he portrays. He was born on 12 October 2000 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and now has become a prominent figure in Indian cinema. 

Rishabh Jaiswal Biography

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Rishabh Jaiswal Girlfriend

Disclosing personal information to the media is dangerous work for social media influencers. Media often escalates things happening between them and it directly affects the individual influencers. Likewise, Rishabh Jaiswal also has not publicly disclosed any personal relationships or details to the media. Like many actors, he prefers to not be in the spotlight of the media in relationship matters. He is a carrier-driven individual and wants to maintain a level of privacy in personal matters. But there are several rumors on the internet about his relationship with ‘Shreya Kalra’. There are many pictures of them both on social media of having fun and just hanging out. 

Shreya Kalra is a talented personality known for her appealing presence on social media and her other digital platforms. She has a wonderful sense of fashion, lifestyle, and travel. On all the social media platforms she has a significant following. On social media, she shares her unique sense of style, beauty tips, and her traveling experiences. She has a unique content style and relatable persona which grabbed the attention of the audience and made her famous among others. Her followers are extremely supportive and motivate Shreya to battle any content hardships that she faces. 

Shreya Kalra has collaborated with many huge brand titles, further establishing a deep connection with the brands and the industry. Shreya Kalra’s ability to connect with her audience and her hard-working dedication to producing high-quality and relatable content continue her success in the evolving and developing world of social media platforms. 

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Rishab Jaiswal Professional Life 

Rishabh’s professional life is a motivating story for all the upcoming actors. Despite being rejected from several reality shows he moved through all the hardships and landed a good career in acting. Before entering the reality show industry, Rishabh played in many theatres and school plays.

He worked with an amateur theatre group Team Geshe Jampa. His first impactful role was playing Mr. Gyaso in a theatrical production. He has various appearances in Hindi music albums like “Ghoomi Ghoomi,” “Fakiri,” and “Mera Babu Chhail Chhabila.” He played a minor role in the web series “Ashram-2” and participated in the television show “Anupamaa” in a cameo role. 

In 2022, Rishabh took the attention of the television audience by playing Krish Bansal in the popular TV show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. Additionally, Rishabh has worked as a model with various brands like Myntra and has been featured in various brand collaborations with Manscaped, V Mart, Jovees, and Doritos.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Rishabh Jaiswal

  • He is an Indian actor, model, and social media influencer. In 2022, he became famous after he got selected for the MTV reality show Splitsvilla Season 14.
  • Rishabh Jaiswal is Hindu from a family in Varanasi, India.
  • Fascinated by acting since childhood, he used to perform at various theatre and cultural functions in school.
  • He was also quite famous in college because of his various performances in stage plays.
  • Before going into the entertainment industry, Rishabh worked as an intern actor in an amateur theatre group named Team Geshe Jampa.
  • In 2022, he made his television first impression with the MTV reality show Splitsvilla Season 14. But got evicted in the third week of the reality show.
  • Also in the same year when he got selected for MTV Splitsvilla, Rishabh made his acting debut with the Zee television show Anupama in which he played a cameo role.


In conclusion, Rishabh Jaiswal is an amazing actor and social media influencer. His followers are supportive and help to motivate Rishabh through the hardships of content creation. Rishabh has faced many setbacks in his acting career. He was not selected for bigger roles like in Roadies but that didn’t stop Rishabh from moving through all of that. He was always positive even when not selected for the roles he deserved. In an interview with Media House, he talked about how he got rejected from Roadies in the audition round and how he believed there were others who were more deserving of the role than him. Eventually, through many hardships, he got selected for the 2022 MTV reality show Splitsvilla Season 14. His dedication to his work and how he managed to go through all of his hardships are a motivation for others pursuing careers. Apart from qualifying from a prestigious acting school, he was also very hardworking and often did small theatre and plays for the audience. Thank you!


What is Rishabh Jaiswal known for?

Rishabh Jaiswal is known for his acting prowess in the Indian entertainment industry. He has starred in several films and web series, where his performances have been praised for their authenticity and versatility.

What are some of Rishabh Jaiswal’s notable works?

While specific titles may vary, Rishabh Jaiswal has appeared in a range of projects that showcase his talent. These include both mainstream and independent films, as well as web series that have gained popularity among audiences.

What is Rishabh Jaiswal’s background in acting?

Rishabh Jaiswal’s journey into acting began with a passion for the craft, leading him to undergo formal training at renowned acting schools. His background includes experience in theater, which has helped shape his skills and approach to portraying characters on screen.