Bill Gates’s Girlfriend Paula Hurd Age & Relationship History

Many are asking who the girlfriend of Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft for several years, is known to many in connection with his innovations that changed the game. Nevertheless, it was only in 2021, when his break up with Melinda French Gates hit headlines that everything was known about.

As we become more interested in this particular period or phase, curious individuals are falling over themselves to get to know the woman currently dating Gates. Bill Gates dated Paula Hurd. She was a widow. The CEO of Oracle, who died in 2019, was previously appointed. In 2022, they were seen together with Bill Gates, which made people speculate they may be seeing each other.

A couple of months after that incident occurred, in February 2023, People magazine quoted, “Everyone knows Bill Gates is dating Paula Hurd, but she has never met his children. Hurd previously attended the University of Texas at Austin however, in 1984 she graduated with a business administration degree from this same school as per records retrieved from the Baylor University domain. They saw each other often and some time back, even months ago which was later confirmed by a spokesperson for Bill Gates’ company ‘Microsoft’ in 2019, but Paula Hurd has her ring on her right-hand ring finger and is not yet married. For years, our office added that Mrs. Hurd wore that ring. CppMethod has caught up on a couple of occasions with his married colleague wearing Hallie’s ring.

Relationship History of Bill Gates and Paula Hurd

Paula Hurd and Bill Gates have disclosed the relationship in the year 2022. Bill Gates divorced Melinda French Gates in 2021 after being married to her before. He is a father to Phoebe, Jennifer, and Rory, together with his former wife. In an interview conducted by the BBC in March 2023, he was asked about having feelings for someone else but answered that it may come to pass someday because “I am not a machine.” Conversely, Paula Hurd remains a wife after Mark Hurd died back in October two years ago. Since then, she has been blessed with Indrek Estonian basketball player, and American Seppalootaa Agata, whom they have married. Paula Hurd has two children, daughters Kathryn and Kelly, whom she shares with her late husband. Paula Hurd was born in 1962, while Gates was born in 1955. Therefore, Bill Gates is older than his girlfriend by only 7 years. Both are very intelligent as business professionals.

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Bill Gates confirmed a relationship in February 2023

Once seen in public together as early as September 2022, it wasn‘t until next year on February 22nd that someone within the circle finally revealed their status as lovers. Previous to this declaration one insider termed them, an open secret couples were tabulating among themselves. The January thereafter witnessed an engagement rumor begin to spread.

Bill Gates and Paula Hurd attended Jeff Bezos’ engagement party 

Ms. Gates, and H.P. Hurd, the latter in August or September 2023 at the marriage ceremony of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. It took place during an intimate get-together on the Amazon yacht belonging to its owner, whose monetary value equals 500 million US dollars, while anchored in Italy

Bill Gates and Paula Hurd attended a pre-wedding celebration for Anant Ambani

Another pre-wedding festivity was attended by H.P. Hurd and MS. Gates in early March for Anant Ambani, the son of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It started with Rihanna’s performance before turning into a three-day grand event.

In April 2024, at the 10th annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony in Los Angeles

The red carpet showed Bill Gates and Paula Hurd for the first time. The two of them were walking on the red carpet and looked relaxed. Paula Hurd was dressed in a black dress while Bill Gates was in a black suit and looked dashing.

Who is Paula Hurd?

Who is Paula Hurd?

Paula Hurd was born in 1962. She is a philanthropist as well as the wife of the late Mark Hurd, Mr. Kalupa’s daughter, Paula Hurd was born in the USA. Mrs. Kalupa was her mother and she never disclosed information about her siblings or her parents’ professions. Mark Hurd, who becomes Paula’s husband has passed on. However, this was after they wed on 12th May 1990, and only death did them part when he died on 18th October 2019. Mark Hurd was his spouse until he died on October 18, 2019. Mark, who was among the most renowned American technology executives, served as co-CEO of Oracle Corporation. Everything seemed normal except in the morning when they were found lifeless in their bedroom. Mayo Clinic has confirmed acute myocardial infarction, but other sources say it could also be a cardiac arrest due to stress as well as high blood pressure, among other factors associated with Cardiovascular diseases. The couple is survived by two daughters, Kathryn Hayden Olsen and Kelly.

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Education and Career 

Her bio on Baylor University’s website shows that she graduated from a business administration program at the University of Texas at Austin in 1984. After college, she has been in sales and alliance management at NCR (National Cash Register), a software company – a leading supplier of software, hardware, and services for banks and retailers ever since. According to her LinkedIn profile, Paula now engages in creating different celebratory events like weddings, company participation, and charitable occasions.

Paula Hurd Biography

Paula Hurd, a Philanthropist

Over the years, the husband of Hurd gave different things and led many assemblies where money was collected. As a person who has been giving money for a long time to her husband’s old school, Baylor University, she was able to help the school reach its $1 billion mark with a generous contribution of 7 million dollars in 2021, at least through the “Give Light Campaign.” In September 2023, the school set up a welcome center in their honor.

Our family loves the Hurd Welcome Center,” Hurd said in a Baylor University press release. Mark thought of the impact a welcoming experience would have on that section of the campus, and it has far exceeded hopes and dreams in that respect. I’m certain he would have been pleased. The tactic for the fundraising drive was described as envisioning the development of programs that enhance a ‘Christian’ learning environment. She must have felt happy about it.

Baylor’s website describes the fundraising campaign as one seeking to further activities that provide an unambiguously Christian education environment, create transformational undergraduate educational experiences, boost the impact and visibility of Baylor’s research and scholarship, foster nationally recognized campus excellence, and foster athletes, according to Baylor’s foundational pillars.


Who is Bill Gates’ first wife?

Melinda French Gates admitted that though ultimately “more of a personal thing” their breakup has always been concerning mainly due to the children.

What is the net worth of the Paula Hurd?

The net worth of Paula Hurd is 3.5 to 4.5 million.

What is Paula Hurd’s job?

Everything Paula Hurd Trolls Now Nowadays, as per her LinkedIn profile, Paula works as a developer as well as an organizer who creates unique personalized memorable event experiences spanning personal, corporate, and charity events.